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Heavens Choice Chlorella

The Power of Chlorella in the Palm of Your Hand

Have you been feeling tired? Sluggish or Bloated? Have you noticed that your skin is breaking out or your hair is thinning? These conditions can happen to anyone; in fact, they usually happen to everyone at some point in their life.

But what if there was a safe, natural superfood discovered over 1600 years ago that is the universal answer to whatever life throws at you. Whether you need to slim down for a wedding, or clear up your skin for a school picture; Whether you want thicker, fuller, healthier hair or you just want more energy throughout the day.

Heaven’s Choice Chlorella uses Broken-Cell-Wall technology to deliver all of chlorella’s natural vitamins and minerals throughout your entire body. There has never been a faster or easier way to completely renew your entire system.

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Proven Benefits:

  • High Quality Chlorella Extract
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  • Broken-Cell-Wall & Freeze-Pull Methods
  • Powerful Ancient Superfood


* Results are not typical. Results may vary.

Product Description

Chlorella, originally discovered by the Ancient Romans, is widely considered God’s “Miracle” creation. Complete with specific passages in the scripture, chlorella is said to be “the [plant] on both sides of the river that shall heal and give strength.”

It wasn’t until recently that humanity re-discovered this superfood and started looking into all of its benefits. To name just a few things Chlorella has been touted for:

  • Promotes Healthy Blood Sugar and Blood Pressure
  • Helps Improve Digestion, Bloating, and Fatigue
  • Supports a Healthy Immune System and Fights Illness
  • Helps Fight High Cholesterol, Bad Breath, and Thinning Hair
  • Can Help Reduce Stress and Fight Against Ulcers

These are just a few of the overwhelming benefits this little miracle is capable of. If you’ve been thinking about trying chlorella, there is no better product out there than Heaven’s Choice and no better time to try it than right now.

With BuyHealth’s 90-day money back guarantee you can take home up to 6-months worth of Chlorella to try completely risk-free. And if you’re not convinced it’s the real deal after 90 days, we’ll give you back your money – no questions asked!


1. How can I be sure chlorella will work for me?

The truth is, buying anything online is going to be a risk. But we want to make sure you and your hard-earned money are protected.

First of all, we wouldn’t be promoting Heaven’s Choice if we didn’t believe in it fully. We conduct in-depth research for every single product on this site and NO product makes it to the webpage unless we know it works.

Heaven’s Choice is an all-natural supplement that works quickly with your body to break down the ingredients and deliver all the nutrients your body needs.

Secondly – we know people are skeptical online. And they should be! That’s why we offer our money-back guarantee. Save your receipt, set a 90 day reminder, do whatever you need to do. And at the end of 90 days if you’re not happy, we’ll gladly refund every penny!

2. What makes Heaven’s Choice different from the other chlorella supplements?

Fair question. The answer is simple: the extraction and processing methods used to take the pure components FROM raw chlorella and transfer them to the capsule are simply unprecedented.

Heaven’s Choice uses something called “Broken-Cell-Wall” processing which allows the human body to break down the raw chlorella in a way that it couldn’t have done before. They also “Freeze-Pull” the components from the raw plant in order to conserve the nutrients in their pure form before using that broken-cell-wall method. These two methods combined make for the most advanced chlorella on the market.

3. How fast do you think I’ll start seeing these results?

If you’ve followed the directions as provided, you should start seeing results within a few days. Some customers report feeling more energetic after just 48 hours, some report clearer skin and less bloating within 3 days.

But every body is different and every person will experience different results at different times. A good guideline is anywhere from 3-10 days.

4. Is Heaven’s Choice safe to take with other medications?

Heaven’s Choice is a pure, natural supplement. There are no harsh chemicals, no binders and artificial fillers. The manufacturers wanted to make sure that Heaven’s Choice would be a universally accepted natural remedy for people from all walks of life.

That being said – we ALWAYS recommend speaking with a physician or medical advisor before starting any new supplement or program. So while HC Chlorella is generally considered safe, please talk to your doctor about your options!

5. How do I take Heaven’s Choice? Is it a huge pill I have to take 4 times a day?

Of course not! Chlorella is an easy-to-swallow all-natural capsule. You simply take 1 capsule, twice a day (with breakfast and dinner) or as your doctor recommends. It couldn’t be easier.

6. Are there any side effects for a sensitive stomach?

Truthfully, due to its natural origins there shouldn’t be any side effects regardless of stomach sensitivity.
But again, every person is different so make sure Chlorella is right for you and your body by talking to someone you trust. As of today, there are no known side effects of natural chlorella.

7. Can I get the same effects eating different foods? Or raw chlorella in general?

Technically you can.. BUT you’d have to eat about 2 pounds of chlorella every day to get the same kind of effects you would get with 2 capsules of Heaven’s Choice.

8. When can I expect my order to arrive?

Standard shipping usually takes between 5-10 business days.



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