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How to: Rapid Hemorrhoid Relief in 24 Hours or less
- Treat and Shrink
Painful Hemorrhoids

(even if prescription medications, high fiber diets, or any other trick hasn’t worked for you before, this 2-step combo is the solution you NEED to know about)

Hi, My name is Michael Richards

– you may have seen me on TV or heard about my first medical-marvel book “Journey to Wellness: An Expert’s Guide to Perfect Health”.

For those of you that don’t know me, I received my two degrees in Modern Nutritional Science and Human Physiology, and I have dedicated my life to helping people overcome their health challenges.


Because, about 5 years ago, I started suffering from annoying and downright PAINFUL hemorrhoids. I personally experienced how terrible this can be for people… So I decided to take all my experience, all my education, and focus on finding a REAL solution that impacts millions of Americans every day.

Is my 2-part Hemorrhoid Relief System Right for You?

I’m going to guess if you’re here reading this right now - you need help, you want relief, and you want it fast.

How do I know these things?

Because I suffered from the same pains and fears
that you’re suffering from right now.

And as an expert in this field, I pledged my life to help my neighbors, and that’s exactly what I did with my VenaPro 2-part system.

VenaPro's 2-Part Method...
The Classic Guide to
Ultimate Relief

It may be hard to believe… but your hemorrhoid problem could start with what’s going on in your gut!
This guide addresses that and tells you exactly how to fix it.

Some programs just tell you the same thing you’ve heard before. They’ll tell you about fiber diets, and exercises, they’ll tell you about surgical options, and prescription meds. But you know what?

None of those guides worked in the past, and none of them are going to work now.

I spent the last 5 years looking at this problem in a new way – what happens when we combine digestive health, natural topical creams, and a few specific daily routines I’ll reveal later?

Fast, Instant, and Long-Lasting Relief Happens!

You know, all my degrees, my title, my books – they don’t mean anything. What means the most are the REAL world results we’ve seen with VenaPro.

It is the ONLY proven system that offers a revolutionary new guidebook and a completely natural cream that has been clinically tested in FDA approved laboratories.

Why am I so confident about my program?

Because I was the first person to test it, and the first person it truly helped. Then after I knew it worked, I found other people suffering and told them I was working on something GAME-CHANGING. Those that tried it saw results in as little as ONE day.

Imagine this – you go to bed today with painful, irritating hemorrhoids and tomorrow you wake up feeling soothing relief, almost like they were never there in the first place. You’re one step closer to being completely hemorrhoid free.

What happens when you go to a doctor about your hemorrhoids?

They’ll tell you the same thing as every other doctor, because they don’t know any better – they only know what they read in an outdated textbook.

They’ll tell you that you need surgery, and that it’s the ONLY way to guarantee you’ll get rid of the hemorrhoids.

But that’s not the truth (it’s not that they’re lying, they just don’t KNOW!)

Even WITH surgery, hemorrhoids can come back (sometimes with double or triple the amount of painful, bleeding lumps!)

But there’s something better – there’s a natural, safe,
proven, and TESTED alternative to surgery:

About The
Breakthrough Guide Book

About My
About My Patented and FDA Approved VenaPro Cream


With My Popular
VenaPro System,

Learn the foods that can help your body fight and shrink hemorrhoids.


Real People, Real Results
These three people tried my system just this last year,
and this is what they had to say…

“I don’t know where to start. I suffered for nearly 7 years, on and off. I bought medicine, I ate only organic food, I flushed A LOT of money down the toilet on fake treatments.
With VenaPro I learned what worked and what didn’t and within the first two days I felt massively better. In less than a week I basically forgot I ever had hemorrhoids.”
Heather McMullin, Seattle, Washington
“I’ve read health books before, I’ve read nutrition books before and for the most part it was all common sense stuff. VenaPro is different. It truly revealed the secret behind treating, relieving, and curing hemorrhoids.
No more pain, no more staying up at night dealing with the itching, no more scary trips to the toilet. From start to finish, the best guidebook I’ve read.”
John Bolluya, Austin, Texas
“This was NOT the first thing I tried. But it certainly was the last. Not only is Michael’s guidebook a source of golden information, but the new Venapro topical formula is the best I’ve ever tried and the ONLY thing that worked for me.
It started working almost immediately, and nearly 3 months after stopping the applications, I’m still completely hemorrhoid free.”
Grant Carlsson, Salt Lake City, Utah

The Only Relief System
Created with You in Mind
Why I decided to dedicate my life to helping
people find relief…

I’ll be honest – I didn’t go to school to become an expert in hemorrhoids. That’s not where I envisioned my degree leading me.

I wanted to research and cure infectious disease (actually, truth be told I wanted to be on the forefront of Alzheimer’s research)

But I don’t regret a thing…

All that schooling, all the reading about internal medicine, nutrition, digestion - it all helped me create the ultimate guide, and the ultimate cream, to help MILLIONS of Americans find relief.

When I started suffering from hemorrhoids, I tried everything from traditional & modern medicine, to ancient oils and herbs. But there was something that I was missing, something that would permanently help my body FIGHT back against hemorrhoids.

So it became my quest to discover that great unknown – to be the first doctor to find out what was TRULY causing hemorrhoids in people all over the world.

So I quit my job at the hospital downtown and I returned to the library, committed to figuring this out. The more I researched, the more I realized how complicated this affliction is… I was beginning to lose hope. I started to think there was NO cure at all!

But then I found something in a 35 year old nutrition book written by an Indian nomad.

It was my needle in a haystack. My holy grail.

I built my entire research off this idea, and created this two-part system that would eventually help tens of thousands of people.

And now I want to help you.

The Secret Most Hemorrhoid
Sufferers Don't Know About...
it's been in your gut the whole time.

Part of what made finding a real solution so difficult, was finding and treating the ROOT cause of hemorrhoids and not just the symptoms we see and experience.

If we only focused on the pain, the bleeding, the itching, and the swelling, we would just find ourselves with more annoying bumps every single year.

So I had to find out what was CAUSING these hemorrhoids to form.

When I found that book by Chanja Marukip, and read what he discovered about gut balance, stomach acidity, cell leeching, and healthy bacteria I knew I had found my answer.

The ROOT CAUSE of hemorrhoids doesn’t start by some malformation in the skin…

It starts in the gut.

And that’s where my Guidebook comes in – it tells you exactly what you need (Including a High-Quality, TRUSTED Probiotic Supplement) and how to destroy your current hemorrhoids.

The best part? It’s not that hard to get started. It’s as easy as adding one or two things to your daily diet, and staying away from particularly sensitive foods.

Why is it so important to start taking action today?
Because hemorrhoids aren’t only annoying and painful,
they could potentially be catastrophic and fatal.

Anemia, Thrombosis, and Gangrene are just some of the major risks you’ll face with untreated hemorrhoids.

Trust me, I know, I’ve seen it in my own patients. Patients who think they did everything right (like buy over the counter creams that didn’t work, or who got surgery the first or second time).

In fact, out of the thousands of patients I’ve had – the only ones that completely conquered hemorrhoids were the patients that tried my system.

This System is my way of helping those who, like I was, suffer daily from painful hemorrhoids.

This System is my way of fulfilling my promise to
help those in desperate need of help.

The VenaPro 2-Part System is the product of decades of research, paired with all
my schooling and degrees, all my drive and will power, the countless hours of nutritional
experiments, and sleepless nights of formulating the perfect topical cream.

Don't Wait!

Get Started Today!
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You want FAST results?

How about INSTANT?

My VenaPro Guidebook is an INSTANT DIGITAL DOWNLOAD – which means as soon as you decide to BLAST away your hemorrhoids, you’ll get my Breakthrough Guidebook INSTANTLY.

No more waiting for relief.

Pages upon pages of crucial information to help you live hemorrhoid free FOR LIFE, while my patented and proven VenaPro Advanced Cream is getting rushed to your doorstep.

Created for your ultimate relief,
VenaPro is the solution you've been waiting for.

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Yelp says...
My System Averages...


Mr. Richards delivers with his new book and his new cream. I’ve been a fan of his since “Journey to Wellness” came out, and luckily when I started suffering from Hemorrhoids, I found out he was working on a solution.

Before it even dropped, I knew it was the real deal because of the care and effort Mike puts into everything. After he released the book, the cream, and recommended Bowtrol Probiotics, I was one of the first to order it and within 2 days I was proven right – he did it again!


An embarrassing review, but I hope it helps people like me. Suffered for nearly 7 years, each trip to the bathroom was a guessing game. Is it gonna hurt? Am I going to bleed? It was pretty much a torment.

When I found out about this 2-part system, I gave it a shot since it was only $60 and I already paid triple that on treatments that didn’t work. And I didn’t want surgery, but I needed to fix this.

I started reading the book immediately, and it all made total sense – I realized I’d been doing everything wrong. So I changed my diet and used VenaPro every day and within a week they were barely noticeable and by the end of week 2 they were virtually gone. Now I just maintain my gut with the help of his guidenbook and I haven’t had a flair up since!


Honestly, I can’t speak to how it will work for anyone else – every body is different. But I can tell you my story.

I was dealing with severe hemorrhoids for about 3 years. About 5 or 6 at a time. They were big and painful, and everytime I went to the restroom it felt like I was going to burst one or two of them. I started getting scared of what would happen if one of them burst, the bleeding, the pain, etc. It started ruining my life.

So I did some research and found Dr. Richards. I read reviews, I read an excerpt from his guidebook, and I looked up all the ingredients in VenaPro. Everything seemed above board.

I ordered the system and started reading immediately. Some stuff I knew already, but most of it was brand new info to me – stuff I never even thought about.

I bought the Bowtrol Probiotics, I used the VenaPro Cream, and I followed his simple guidelines. After 3 years of torture, I’m proud to say I’m hemorrhoid free for the first time in over 1000 days.


Dr. Richards knows his stuff. The book is full of incredible information that makes finding relief so easy. It’s simple enough to follow, but the information is so unique and incredible.

Make sure you get a good probiotic! That’s one thing everyone with hemorrhoids definitely needs.

Honestly, if you’ve been dealing with this, then VenaPro system is the only thing that’s gonna help. I tried preparation H, I tried organic fiber rich foods, I’ve tried rectal pills and nothing worked. The Hemorrhoid Guidebook helped me understand why. And once you understand why, you can understand how to fix it. By far the best decision I’ve made and it’s saving my hundreds on bad treatments.

Full disclosure, I used both VenaPro and the Bowtrol Probiotic that Dr. Richards recommends. I used the two of them together for about a week and everything worked as promised. Which was a huge relief because I was going crazy!

Limited Time Offer

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